About Brittany

Reform Fitness was founded by Brittany in the fall of 2015. Brittany was introduced to Lagree Fitness™ and the Megaformer™ while living in L.A. After just one class, she was hooked! Upon moving to New York City, Brittany became certified and began teaching Lagree Fitness™ at one of New York’s elite fitness studios. Inspired by its infinite challenges, Brittany was determined to share the revolutionary Lagree Fitness™ method with her hometown. In 2015, Reform Fitness opened its doors and introduced Western New York to the future of fitness.

Brittany’s classes are challenging, with a focus on fluidity. Her positive reinforcement and energetic playlists will motivate you to define your limits, then defy them! Brittany’s mission is to ensure that each and every client finds strength through Lagree Fitness™ to become the very best version of themselves!