About Erin

Erin is a spiritually and physically driven wife and mother of three. She is constantly multi-tasking and striving to over-achieve, which is why her workouts are sacred to her. She finds that her workouts mentally take her to a state where she can just be in the moment, “Working on herself, by herself, for herself."

Erin finds both the Lagree Fitness™ method and the Megaformer™ to be AMAZING! The machine is built for stability and the workout is for everyone! She loves that you get a FULL BODY workout in just 40 minutes! Erin was sold on this BOOTY BURNER after her first class at Reform Fitness. She loved it so much that she knew she had to teach it and spread the LOVE. Oh, and did she mention this workout is where ABS are made?”

Erin is passionate about delivering an efficient, high intensity but low impact workout to every client she teaches! Just show up….she’ll do the rest!