About kristen

Kristen has been passionate about fitness since a young age. Always looking to challenge herself and try something different, Kristen tried her first class at Reform Fitness in 2017 – it was love at first Lagree! She LOVES how challenging the Lagree workout is. With endless ways to modify the workout, it is impossible to get bored! So, when the opportunity to teach at Reform arose, Kristen couldn’t wait to share her passion for this life changing workout with others! Kristen’s classes are challenging and inspiring, with a focus on fluid transitions. Her upbeat playlists are sure to keep you motivated and moving during class.

When Kristen isn’t teaching at Reform, she is a full-time hairstylist. She loves how both jobs give her the ability to help people be the best version of themselves. In her free time, Kristen loves nature, dancing, cooking, traveling, and living life to its fullest!