About MAura

It was love at first lunge for Maura and Lagree Fitness™. Maura became obsessed with Reform Fitness after her first class. When the opportunity to teach arose, she could not wait to share her excitement for this incredibly unique exercise regimen. Before Reform Fitness, Maura never understood people who said they “loved their workout," but after getting hooked on the muscle-shaking, core burning 40 minute Reform Fitness workouts, she finally got it.

During the week, Maura can be found at the advertising and PR agency Eric Mower & Associates. When she is not teaching, Maura is probably traveling, trying Lagree Fitness™ classes in other cities, cooking something from Blue Apron, or drinking wine. You can expect loads of late '90s and early 2000s hip hop hits from Ja Rule and DMX on her class playlists, as well as a challenging, but fun routine.